i,ve been wondering..when do i get,my first..st...

March 24, 2007 1:38am CST
i was just wondering when i get my first star..dont i even get a little star when i reach 50,posts...or is it only when i hit 100,post i do finally get my first..star...iam looking forward to that..lol)as i was looking at some of your posts and some peoples have posted over 500.post or mre so that must mean they have got over £5pounds or mre in there acct...hehe..am i right..lol..jdxx.i have 82pence nearly a £1...i,m not complaining..at all...
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@aash63 (75)
• India
24 Mar 07
so is it for 100 responds 50 posts that i will get a star. as i am new to this pls some one help me.hey youjdmckenz pls help me.and tell me more techinque to make money.
24 Mar 07
hi aash.) hi soz i have been abit busy...god i dont know some.1 told me of this lott...and i,ve mde a £1..so far...hehe..still pennies turn into pounds so they say...i,m still awaiting..lol) y aash..is that ure nme i say it like ash)welcome...lol..jdxx.