Why was Anna Nicole Smith's mom made to be the bad guy?

United States
March 27, 2007 1:28am CST
Why should we believe Anna Nicole Smith about her mother being abusive? Drug addicts always blame others for their problems. Anna clearly had a substance abuse problem before her death. Anyone that watched her reality show could see she was not in reality. It seems like everyone is down on Anna's mom and I don't think they should be. I don't think any mother would have been happy to see their child abusing drugs, married to someone ridiculously older than them, and posing for Playboy. If Anna's mom told her she disapproved of her lifestyle guess what that's what parents do. Parents try and guide their children in the right path. It is sad that the public has not been more sympathetic to Anna's mom. She has been through a lot even before the passing of her child and grandchild. The media never seemed to show any hard evidence that her mom was the bad parent Anna claimed that she was.
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@judyt00 (3504)
• Canada
27 Mar 07
The woman kicked her out when she was still a teenager, and didn't bother to even check up on her until she was famous, and then it was only for themoney she could get. Lets face it, the woman made all mothers look bad.
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• United States
27 Mar 07
regardless of the accusations made about anna's childhood...she wasnt acting in a very loving, motherly manner. i mean she didnt want anna to be buried with her son!! which buy the adjacent plot obviously meant that anna wanted to be buried next to him! and then after putting some soil on anna's grave...SHE WALKED OVER IT!!