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@denden (803)
March 27, 2007 2:02am CST
how much do you payout every month in mylot? what are your other online jobs aside from mylot? how do you manage your time on online jobs with your real job?
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@vanities (11387)
• Davao, Philippines
27 Mar 07
a minimum of 10 usd..depending on how hard you work here..its easy if im not busy with my regular job..instead of hanging out with friends i went home directly and sit on my pc..
• Philippines
5 Apr 07
Good question Denden. Actually, I'm working in a company right now and at the same time i use my vacant hours doing online business (especially at night). I've been into online business and almost my salary is the same of what i am receiving in my online job. Online Business is just a part-time for me, but it will be closely my full-time job. hopefully. :) Anyway, i am sharing this site below. Its one of the few sites i am earning now. try to visit the site, read some article, testi, watch the video and decide if you wanna join. Dont hesitate to ask qs, email me: wish you the best of luck. thanks!
• United States
3 Apr 07
Hi, I haven't made the payout for mylot yet but hope to sometime lol. I thought i'd let you know about another site I just found. Its not really an online job but you get paid for getting people to sign up for it. First when you sign up they give you $5 (by the way its free to sign up and the $5 is free to you) after you sign up they send you a debt card in the mail with your $5 loaded on it. The site is kinda like Paypal if your familer with that. But my point is making some extra money lol. You get $5 for each person you refer to the site. So really its just free money the more you can get to sign up the more money you can make :) If you'd like to check it out just message me your email address and i'll send you an invite. They don't have a referral link I wish they did i think i'd be easier to do that way :) But i'll send you an invite if you'd like :)
@roque20 (518)
• Philippines
27 Mar 07
i havent made pay-out yet but hopefully i can reach the minimum payout as soon as possibly.i strive hard here.mylot is my only online job here. i dont have real jobs here im still a student.