Loudness criticizes I love you

@hanhaiju (421)
March 29, 2007 1:11pm CST
We gradually learn to go and be apt , serve as us gradually understand love , think that we understand love gradually, the people who maybe loves you already keeps you away from but goes to have left you ,you do not tell your love but but, but do not let him (her) know you love him (she), though you clearly know he (her) knows you love him (she), express me loudly loving you with the friend, ! ! ! Ask him to know you love him , criticize out me loving you * * * * * * * needing to know love has left , the heart also is able to stop beating! ! ! Life insipid , changeable wilt that can change, is also monotonous , dull , pale, loudness criticizes me loving you! !
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