If all my life, I never did anything I didn't want to do...if all I did came fro

United States
March 31, 2007 2:20pm CST
m inspiration, only, would I be considered selfish? I've asked myself this hard question many times. When I got back from the west coast, I managed to persuade my father and stepmom to start going to church, again, but I had questions in reserve that I needed answers for. They agreed and wasted no time in finding the perfect place. It was a bit of a drive, yet the daughter of the preacher was all worth it! That's another story completely! *wink* I was enrolled in Sunday school and the question came up about what it would take to be saved or go to heaven. I heard such things as, "If you don't believe and you're wrong-would you want to spend eternal damnation in hell. There's fire, you know?", and "If you love Jesus, then you will be able to go to heaven." It seems as if these were bargaining chips. The real spirit of love had been forsaken-just like Christmas and all its focus on gift giving-we were getting away from the real purpose of church, the bible, the whole thing. The purpose, as I see it, is to love. That's it. No other qualification. Not to believe something or rather, not to follow a bunch of rules and regulations, not to be able to recite the Lord's prayer, not to bow and scrape in order to appease a greater power. These all fall into the realm of falling in love with the idea, but not being in love. There is a huge difference and the consequences of mistaking the two can be disastrous. Do you know the REAL reason for all the hoopla of Jesus, God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, or whatever else idols we put in place of what we sorely need, has been? - To come closer to our own spirituality, our own divine selves. Inspiration is this unseen realm of divinity that IS us. We simply ARE. We don't do, we don't think, we don't try, we don't give, receive, lust after, feel, or anything more than being aware. Within that seedling, all else springs forth. I believe that if you follow your inspiration, not to be confused with misguided hatred and bigotry evidenced by the Hitlers and the Sadddames of the world-you will be doing exactly what it is that your were sent here to do. I think that we have inspiration for a reason. Inspiration serves as a link to our own spirituality, a higher consciousness that is more connected than we could possibly imagine. This inspiration servers to bring us all closer together. In some way, that we may not be able to, as yet, comprehend, we ARE doing the Lord's work, if that is the frame that you choose to view it in. By being true to ourselves in the love for our particular hobbies or proffessions; by choosing to follow what feels right and not just because we may think that we should follow societies mores more than our own, we come into contact with the path that will lead to an expansion of happiness, starting within, and growing outward to affect all other's who stream through our life circle!
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