Is your dog mean?

United States
April 4, 2007 12:29am CST
I have a rottweiler and a Boston Terrier, my rottweiler is so sweet and my boston terrier is really mean, I heard that little dogs tend to be mean but I didn't think they were that mean. Anyone have this problem?
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@Nanette99 (220)
• Canada
25 Jul 07
Boston Terriers are not a mean breed. In fact,one of the reasons they are so popular is because they are so friendly with people and other pets. Yours is an exception to the breed. Maybe he is not well socialized and he thinks that it is his job to protect the gentle rottweiler giant? I would get your dog in professional behavioural training right away. Did you get him as a puppy, from a breeder?
• United States
5 Apr 07
Hi my name is Angel, I also have a Boston Terrier. Does he only play with the Rott for the most part? If so then when he starts to play with a person her only knows how to be mean cause he needs to be "macho" with the Rott. I know my Boston liked to bite in play cause where I got him from he only played with his brother who is 2 times his size (I think Buddy was the runt). But I would play fetch with him or tug-a-war and when done I would hold him down and pet him telling him to settle down now..showing him love. I had him for a year now...he craves his love'n now and he'll get the toy he wants you to play..and thats the one he wants...if you though the wrong toy he'll run to it and sniff it then come back without it...till you though the right is funny. So to make a long story with him in a human to dog why will teach him he can play without biteing....and giving him love'n after is like a treat...Boston Terriers "Attention-Holics" hope this helps some.