how far to go with a lie?

April 7, 2007 5:18pm CST
suppose you already have lied, then how far to go before admitting it? at the first chance? try to keep it until it's safe, call it when nobody cares anymore? try to keep it a secret forever? what?
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@simsyto (31)
• Bulgaria
7 Apr 07
Well, in my opinion, whatever you do to keep the lie you can't do it(if it isn't a really small lie). That's why I don't lie, cause I know that sooner or later I'll get caught :D
• Uruguay
8 Apr 07
I ussually try to avoid lies becase of that you've cited but, sometimes it's just more convenient to lie and I have no truble with that, if the world were idealistic there will be no need for this but it is not, so there is times when you have to put away your principles and try to get the best from the situation, losing oportunities is just a waste.