Revelation of a Stranger...2

United States
April 7, 2007 7:09pm CST
"All your life you've been wanting to know why you know things that you shouldn't. You've had a hard time explaining the recollections of another person's life, so vividly. In color? That's a sign. Now, you have the chance to answer these questions that have been plaguing you. Don't you want relief? Don't you want answers?" My mind spun around. My forehead seemed to get hot, even though it must have been sixty degrees in the diner. I swallowed. "How do you know these things? Who told you?" His expression eased a little. Concern coming into his eyes, while he took another puff on his cancer stick. He squinted a bit, as if trying to size me up. Maybe he was having second thoughts about relating whatever he had come here to say. Maybe he thought that I wouldn't be able to handle it afterall. I stiffened a little. Stood a tad taller and squared my shoulders. "If you have something to say, don't beat around the bush. I don't have much time. And I don't need you wasting anymore of it." "Rude of me to do that to him", I thought I heard him whisper to himself. "Huh. Whatcha say? I didn't hear that. You talking to yourself?" I knew it. I knew this guy was just another cracked loon. You had to be careful who you got into a conversation with. There were so many people who seemed normal, and then- "Your destiny lies not in the path that you've decided to take.", he broke in, seeming to gather himself together. I sensed an energy field around him that hadn't been as strong before. It pulsed and gave the impression of being a violet and green mixture with hints of orange and mauve. "Wha-?" "Listen! You have a special gift. You sense things. You see things in your dreams that come true and you can't explain why you seem to know of whole nother complete life, outside of your own." He rasped low and slow, with a dizzying rhythm to his cadence. His voice, edged with determination, bore a wisdom that I had not taken the time to notice earlier. When I, once again, looked into his eyes, they had shifted to a coal blue. "Weren't your eyes green -" "...sometime ago...-. Stop interupting me! God help him! Your incessant chattering is destroying my concentration; my train of thought. Where was I?", he grasped his reddish beard and pulled ever so slightly. "Ah yes. Your talents are not to be wasted. Do you know what would happen if anyone ever found out about your unique abilities? No? Well, let's just say that that would be the end of any privacy you had. You really seem to enjoy being alone, by the looks of things, so I'd say that would pretty much make you miserable, for the REST of your LIFE!" He leaned forward on the last one, as if trying to make his point all the more clear. What was clear, was I needed to beat a retreat fast! Yes. What he said was confusing, yet gelled in an odd way, but I didn't trust him. I'd never told a soul about my natural or supernatural aptitude. I didn't want to draw attention. Not being one of those who liked to be in the middle of things, laughing it up over something stupid someone said, or pretending to enjoy inane and surface dribble, I had made it a point to never expose too much of myself-my foster parents, my ease at playing card games, my ability to see right into someone's core being in just a few moments of talking to them. The ironic thing was, people seemed to gravitate towards me, even though I thought I'd made it clear enough that I was a jerk who didn't enjoy anyone's company. That didn't seem to stop them; however, and girls, especially, would catch my eye, probably planning to come on over whenver I went to a club to drink. I'd look away and move on to the next room. You may ask why I even bothered to go out, if I hated people so much. Well, I didn't actually HATE people, I just liked the peace and tranquility of being alone with my thoughts. I'd even entertained one or two people, sometime ago, without getting bent out of shape. It was fun. We had a time of it, and they were really good about taking the hint when it was time to leave.
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@tammyr (5955)
• Etowah, Tennessee
8 Apr 07
Very good story, my friend. I was riveted to say the least. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
• United States
8 Apr 07
I hope to continue it. I want to make it into a full story. The thing is, Tammy, I am trying to train myself to be a story-teller. I have lots of stories to tell, but sometimes the format can throw people off, and I might not be able to get it all finished. I want to get at least thirty myLot discussions and have them work like chapters. If this one fails, I simply do something else in the future. Thank you for your comments ;