Do you like japan?

April 8, 2007 8:54pm CST
Japan is very interesting country,they have a very nice history,places.If you can have a very nice history,places.If you can visit japan you may notice they a new,hightechnology,but they also have old places like temple,hundred yrs.houses.etc.I bet you will enjoy visiting japan.
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@plumwish07 (4060)
• Indonesia
9 Apr 07
Japan is interesting country, they can build their country in 52 years from developing country being a development country and considering enough by super power country as like USA, ENG and another EUROPE country. and few years ago..i think till now currency of Japan (YEN) can beat American currency (USD). so amazing right? their work attitude should be an example for another asian country. their dicipline, hard working and their struggling amazing! their cultures also interesting, unfortunately the young generation seem prefer to have western culture than their own original cultures :)
• Japan
9 Apr 07
Thats true!they are very discipline,but the only sad thing is from 1980 generation they change the real japanese culture.High tech is fine but the way they dress,talk,think,they like americans.
• China
10 Jun 08
speak for me,i likes korean much than japanese,without any offend,i loves korean women cause they are taller and looks better than janpanese women,korean woman face looks much soft and grace with " U "shaped,not too short or too long which very fit east asian 's beauty regular.japanese girl too short also man,i think the young generation would be taller.but they love western culture deadly even do not think they are nippon,this 's very strange,don't you think so? a country like japan with high tech,rich,development,but her young people not like their country culture prefer to western????? i guess this 's due to japanese have character with "love stronger hate weaker ",they wanna become the stronger and learn to them also they will kill the weaker who can not compare with them .so janpan cause many fire to her neighbor country in world war 2 . janpanese women are too weak in janpan society,from the "AV "i learn that the women just like a tool,i dislike this .
• India
28 Oct 10
i like japan very much, "the land of rising sun". the most positive aspect of Japanese people is their hard working attributes and their products always out beats products from other countries even US. the dedication and quality of work even after a profound downfall after the world war 2, Japan is now a symbol of peace and prosperity and great human values.
• Marikina, Philippines
27 Oct 10
Oh, yes!!! I really want to go to Japan, but I don't have any money and I don't know how to speak Japanese. He he he. I think, the reasons why I was attracted to this country its because of the technology and because of the "anime" that I have watched on TV... and the cute Japanese guy and Japanese girl that I want to see (^_^)
• Japan
23 Jun 08
i like japan so much. i have to, because i have a japanese blood. my grandfther is a japanese. i am a filipina,i grew up in the philippines but i've been working here for almost five years.........foods are great, japanese people are well discipline when it comes to work. try visiting japan, you'll enjoy it!
• Philippines
5 Apr 08
yeah! Japan... 1. Sakura 2. Animes and Akihabara!lol 3. Geisha and Samurai 4. Gackt-sama 5. Shinto shrine in Kyoto 6. Sushi and shabu-shabu 7. Jdorama and Jpop 9. Hokkaido and the crabs 10. HighTechnology isn't it obvious i like Japan??? i could still list up to 100 if you like but that would be time banzai japan!!!
@micaella (396)
• Philippines
9 Jun 07
Hi KaBayaN! I believed you to that I like japan too but then some country has that kind of historic place like what your trying to say, just like in china BUT i like most in japan is the environment and so my husband and especially the salary for working people there hehehe... We hope, we could go back there in some other time again...
• Philippines
7 Jun 07
I really liked Japan. It's one of my favorite countries. I'm planning to go to Japan after I graduate college. It's my dream place and want to go there before I get old. I really liked its culture, fashion, music, and especially people. They are so nice and funny. Someday, I want to stroll on crowdy streets of Shibuya.
• Philippines
22 Apr 07
Well, I've never been to Japan, but I do like it. Japan sure is an interesting country.^_^ I like the culture and the places there. I also like watching dramas and anime from Japan and listen to their music. There are a lot of historical places and historical artifacts there since they were able to keep such things well. I also like cherry blossoms (a chatmate from Japan showed one to me^_^) and I also like the food.^_^ It's also interesting how they grow and rise economically, and now they're considered as one of the most powerful countries in the world because of their high-technology. I also like Japan because of the discipline...^_^
@miyuna (44)
• United States
22 Apr 07
I lived in Japan to go to high school, I like everything about Japan. The food is very good and I like the convenience stores, vending machines, school life, comics, purikura and the very beautiful seasons and scenery. There are also many good historical sites in Japan such as the Osaka Castle and many beautiful temples in Nara and Kyoto. Also there are nice places to shop and Japanese fashion is very interesting and cute!