gold or white gold???

April 8, 2007 10:49pm CST
gold or white gold??? gold - pure gold. white old - plated gold. i want white gold only, so i can wear it everytime unlike gold i cant because im afraid that it would be the reason for me to die, because here in the phils i must admit that people here are not that good, once they saw a person wearing a gold jewelries they must grabbed it or shall i say they will get it to you...
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@chargoans (940)
• United States
9 Apr 07
Ok call me crazy, but I prefer white gold. I look sickly with "yellow" gold against my skin. I learned this as a teen. I used to wear the thick gold chains around my neck, and wouldn't even consider white gold. However, for the Prom, my parents' friend gave me a white gold bracelet and it was so beautiful. It looked so clean. I gave up my gold necklaces for the prom as the family friend offered to let me borrow one of her thick white gold chains (rare back then). I loved it so much and it looked so much better on me than my own chains. I ended p selling my gold chains and begin acquiring all the white gold I could. I have five white gold bracelets, 3 rings, but no chains. I don't really wear necklaces anymore.