What will you do if someone tell you that he have loved you for several years?

@Vivianh (331)
April 10, 2007 6:12am CST
If one friend of you tell you that he have loved you for years,of course you will be moved,but you always takes him as a good friend.What will you do ,accept him or refuse?
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• Philippines
10 Apr 07
That happened to me 2 years ago. I had loved him before, and I told him that. It happened years ago, I said, and that he has nothing to be afraid of as it's over and I won't be hunting him down because of it. Time passed by and some things happened, until I finally learned that he had been in love for me.. for almost 6 years. Needless to say, I didn't handle the situation well. I still love him, yes, but only as a friend now, and I don't want anything to change. Anyway, all my friends know that between love and friendship, I choose friendship - and so the idea that my friend is in love with me was unacceptable. For some time after that, we didn't communicate, until one day I dropped by their house. We talked like nothing happened, and I was studying him for any changes. When he walked me out, I turned to him and asked, "Are we okay now?" He gave me a smile that I don't really understand up 'til now, and said yes. That happened 2 years ago, and up 'til now, I'm happy to say that we are still friends.^^ Have a lovely day, dear. \m/^_^
@Vivianh (331)
• China
11 Apr 07
Thanks,friend.I hope to be just friends to.Till the day he treat me as a friend,just friend,I will be very happy.