What should be done to the property owned by "ROYAL FAMILY in NEPAL..???

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@diillu (5128)
April 12, 2007 1:21pm CST
this question is speacially to all the nepalese..what do you think..did it happenedd good by the disolvement of royal family... and in my point of view this was the best thing that could happen to nepal...but what about the large amount of property owned by royal family..have you heard...gyanendra owns more than half of nepals land...don't you guys think that should be given to loads of people who don't have lands...place to live ...who are living as refuges in their own country..???
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@amritms (64)
• Nepal
30 Apr 07
I also think dissolvement of royal family is one of the best things happened to our country. I did't know that Gynandra owned that much of land, i thought that they only owned few hundred ropani. the property owned by royal family should be seized, and distributed among poor people. I have also heard that there is a whole lot of money in the swiss bank in the name of late queen. that should also be brought back to Nepal and used for its development.
• Nepal
16 Apr 07
Yes, u r absolutely right and Government of nepal is working in this field as well. The Government should seize the lands owned by the royal family and distribute the lands to the people who are below the poverty line.
@ghatozkat (153)
• Nepal
3 Dec 07
How did you find out Gyanendra owns more than half of Nepal's land. Stop talking bulls***! And the majority of land that Gyanendra owns are forests, hence the big number. If you start giving forests away to refugees, then you can imagine what will happen. And why not seize lands of corrupt politicians. Well all know that almost all the politicians are corrupted, so why not theirs. Why this double standard?