The golden toilet joke ^^

April 14, 2007 2:13pm CST
There was this guy , let's call him Bob. One nigh Bob went to about 5 bars, and he drank ,like 17 beers. After he was done with that, like any normally functioning person , he really had to go. So he asked the bartender where the bathroom was, and he went to where he thought it was . Later that night, Bob was laying in bed trying to go to sleep and he was thought , "wait a minute .. there was a golden toilet !!" Right then he got up and went out to find the special toilet . He had 5 bars that night, so he went to the frist one ,asked where the bathroom was, when he went and looked , there was no golden toilet. This continued until he got to the las bar, he was really tierd by then , and rather then going to look for the toilet himself , he asked the bartneder , "do you by any chance have a golden toilet here ?" and the bartender said to another person that was there , " hey ! I think I found the guy who crapped in the tuba!!!"
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@Sengrath (210)
• Romania
1 May 07
hehe superb joke