Amassing a fortune...Cares thrown to the wind bring in their stead Wings of Wond

United States
April 26, 2007 7:19pm CST
The secret. Come closer, and I'll whisper the secret in your ear. Ages past, there have been druids, sorcerers, wizards and warlocks that have guarded the secret. The bond has broken. Someone has betrayed them. Now, the secret is out. It flies from the lips, carelessly and without reguard to the havock it could cause if used in the wrong hands. The secret is this...shshsh...don't tell anyone! Close your eyes and imagine a paradise so wild and free that your inner critique bristles and readies for battle. A war will be waged. Two sides. One side for the Cause. The other? Carries love letters in the form of truisms and maxisms. These have been trodden over. These have been discussed repeatedly and discarded as flights of fancy. "Be real", the other side cautions. "You can't be sure that they won't try to trick you-steal from you-hurt you. Be constantly on your guard...that is the only way for you to be safe." On the surface, this makes sense. Why? Because for most of us...this is how we live our lives: We're gripped in the bloody talons of fear and doubt. Most of our actions come from this mindset. We've never been taught to trust completely. Life seems to hand out lesson after lesson of hard knocks, and what are we to think of this? Are we to smile and move on? Not when we run out of excuses. We've built a foundation on these excuses and delusions and once we are removed from them, the whole thing comes down in a crumpled heap of mixed up lies and half-truths. How can we, out of this, reasemble our lives...not shadows of our lives, but the fullest, most complete versions possible? I have the answer, if you are willing to listen. Forget fortune. Forget fame for the moment. These will come as by-products. Forget hard work, unless you believe in the, "By the sweat of their brows they shall toil." I do not believe this. I believe that this notion has been drummed into our heads so often and with so much misplaced abandon, that we fail to see what is right before our eyes. Forget reputation. You cannot ever sustain such a watery veil as this. What you CAN do is be present. Be present in every moment and draw inward. Your strength never comes in these ways that you've been instructed erroneously, before: It comes not in numbers, not in knowledge, not in
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