Unrequited love...?

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@cuteboy (170)
May 7, 2007 9:14pm CST
I have been in deep admiration of my next door neighbor for 4 yrs i believe..She around 6 months older than i..And i have known her and both family since her infancy..placing in me in high regard with her parents and good standing with her siblings..At school,i often seek her in crowds..(i keep my distance..being shy)..yearning for the slight glimpse of her that will set my day off on the right foot..She used to say hi....to me softer than normal as we passed each other,but stopped in the last months..Recently that seems to be culminated in to some thing more..such as within the last week as i hurried in between classes,.i had caught her eye for some reason...or another...For 40 seconds both i and she transfixed at each other ..(despite to talking her frnd)..pupils dilated and all..recently her eyes and mine have met often more than usual.prompting me to think thinhg along the lines of attraction on her part..How should i judge this regarding her feelings for me....?
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@Darkwing (21586)
8 May 07
I would think the engagement of eyes is a way of saying that she cares very much for you. The eyes are the windows to the soul, my friend, and I think maybe you should arrange to spend some time with this girl, to talk the situation over. She's probably baffled as to why, after making such advances towards her, you are now hurrying by with hardly a word to say to her. Forty seconds doesn't sound long, but when it comes to gazing into each other's eyes, it is one, long time, and I really do think she wants to be with you. So, go for it... you've got nothing to lose. Ask her out for a meal or to a movie and see how things go. Brightest Blessings and good luck.