saliva on the paper

United States
May 9, 2007 10:10pm CST
Is anyone else disgusted by moist paper, paper that has been touched by someone who licked a finger before touching it? What is the purpose of this? It's revolting.
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• Philippines
13 May 07
Oh, jeez, I agree with you. It's so revolting. I used to work as a cashier before in a mall. And one of the customer, a man, did that to the bills he was counting. I really didn't know what to do.~~lol And I find it unhygienic, especially its bills, you don't know where they came from and to think of how many people touch it. (^^,)
• United States
13 May 07
Gross. I once went to a sandwich shop where the guy who took the money from the customer before me made my sandwich without washing his hands. I didn't say anything, but maybe somebody else did, because the shop has since closed.
• Philippines
14 May 07
Yes, that one too. I hate it when they do that. And also when some customers, put their bills on the wet items, like a wet chicken or meat. And you know sometimes, it's all bloody and sticky. And it's not really that gross for wet bills, at least you know why they are wet, but to think that it's their food and they place money on it, with the germs and dirt. That's the yucky part.~~lol (^^,)