Do you sleep on two pillows????

June 12, 2007 4:47am CST
I do sleep on two pillows... yesterday i read in news paper sleeing on two pillows help you fight acidity!!! now look at this.... all my life my father kept telling me not to take two pillows and sleep lol... my husband hugs the pillow and sleep... while my uncle keeps one pillow below the head and other on the face... and my sister keeps between her legs lolol!!!!! and on the other hand my brother sleeps without pillow!!! And ya one of my aunt sleeps with 4-5 pillows on her bed!!! How many pillows you take and where do you like it.... i know its sounding funny;))
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@Ashgun (472)
12 Jun 07
Hello Go4amitshah! Thats really nice of you to share such an information; i never knew that sleepin on two pillows help to fight against acidity! Well i sleep on two pillows as well... Actually its a question of habit and to avoid any neck pain... My sister-in-law sleeps without any pillow as well, i have a cousin who put one pillow in between her legs and another cousin smells her pillow so that she can sleeps...