Tell me people Should mothers stay at home to raise their children??

June 19, 2007 11:29am CST
Well guys just a topic of debate would love to have ur view on it........Thanks will comment often
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@martinha (631)
• Portugal
19 Jun 07
It's up to them. If they want to stay at home and have the possibility to do that for me it's fine. What I think is that a woman shouldn't depend on her husband and do what he wants her to do. Some women stay at home just because the husband doesn't want them to go to work. Sometimes I see women ruin their career because of their children and I guess they wouldn't do it if they had some help from the father of the kids. Some men aren't open minded enough to understand that a woman is not supposed to just stay at home taking care of the house and kids. They need to understand that if a woman wants to go and make a career they must help her because the woman was not the only one to make the kids... the man also contributed so he should continue doing so.
@lynboobsy11 (11345)
• Philippines
19 Jun 07
I'm a single mom with two girls(but their father give their monthly expenses) and for quite sometimes I'm thinking of having a full time job and have a carrer outside but everytime I used to attemp to apply some jobs there are always on my mind on how can I took care of them when I'm not in the house. I don't want to take a risk just for them. That I have a job but my daughters are not taking cared of. I'm worried about them their food, their assignment and guidance. How will I devide my time If I'm working outside for 8hours a day. Thats why I manage to be with them and just take sometime to earn an extra income here in the net.
• India
19 Jun 07
Well I think ya mothers shud stay at home. I mean i personally am of the opinion that the guy shud earn a lot much so that his wife...shud be easily enjoying her stay at home ...and doesnt need to go for work. But i m not telling no to them working or anything. I just feel its ideally better for the wife to be at home...this way our home and kids..are brought up very well...otherwise things are all lop-sided
@gabesmom (1246)
• United States
19 Jun 07
I am a stay-at-home mom because I grew up wishing that my mom and dad had spent more time with us. They worked for more than eight hours every day including weekends. They both had their offices at home but were not really able to spend much time with me and my siblings. Thye eventually started a business which gave them more time to be with us but that was when I was a teenager. Now, I am happy that I am able to take care of my son myself. I don't think anybody else can give him the attention I give him during his formative years. There is nothing wrong with mothers working outside the home and having somebody else care for her children. Every mother has her own reasons for choosing which situation would be best for her and her family.
@lisagayle (395)
• United States
19 Jun 07
In my opinion, it is entirely up to the mother themselves. I have been a working mom and a stay at home mom, I really prefer to be a stay at home mom. Yes, it would be better on us for financially for me to work, but i feel that my daughter has gotten better with me staying at home. In school and in general.