Should children in abusive homes be removed?

@nikkiwith (1074)
July 23, 2007 6:29am CST
I was watching a sad story about children from abusive homes. Parents who were drug addicts and alcoholics. There was one story; A mum had 6 kids to 4 different men, she was a heroin addict and was abused by her boyfriends in front of her children. Her 7 year old was a parent to her younger siblings. The mum died from an overdose and her kids were split up. It breaks my heart when i see kids that are exposed to violence and drug and alcohol abuse. The laws should be tougher when it comes to these matters. I come from a broken home, my father is an alcoholic and he raised my sister and i. My mother was a drug addict and left us when i was 2. I believe if my sister and i were removed from our home and put into a loving, functional and caring family home, we would have been better off. I was an addict but smart enough to give up when i fell pregnant. I chose not to be selfish and to put my addiction before my child. To all those addicts out there that have children please get help, your kids deserve better.
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@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
23 Jul 07
I'm one of those who wish I had been removed as well. I didn't even live in one home all the time, the members of my family kind of passed me around. I've lived with: my grandmother, my mother, my father, various aunts and uncles, friends of the family, distant cousins, everyone. And yet every time I tried to get child protective services involved, my grandmother would take me back into her home, say everything was okay there, and get them to go away and pretend everything was fine. Even though I was physically and sexually abused throughout my childhood, no one took me away from that family. It makes me sick to know that there are still children in such situations!
@lucky_witch (2711)
• Philippines
23 Jul 07
I agree with you. I guess parents can never give any valid reason for putting their kids in abusive kind of family. I am a separated woman, my husband is already living in with another woman but instead of hurting our kids... we decided not to let them suffer. We still spend some times together and we see to it that they would never feel that they loose family after all.
• United States
23 Jul 07