Barry Bonds breaks the baseball record for most home runs of all time

United States
August 8, 2007 7:06pm CST
He broke the record last night at home in san francisco. Do you think it is sort of tainted because of all the steroid talk? Do you believe he did cheat in the past, and used performance enhancing steroids? If yes, do you think he should be stripped of this record? How do you feel about steroids in sports in general, do you think it is cheating?
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@thejH8 (29)
10 Dec 07
I am a Barry Bonds fan. I'm on the edge of whether or not its tainted. Theres all the talk of if he used them or not. I like to think it isn't tainted, but theres to many information about it to think its clean.
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10 Dec 07
I honestly wouldnt care if they used steroids. I would think it was stupid and reckless, but since they enhance performance it is considered cheating and I hate cheating. It would be nice to think everyone who broke records did so on their own accord, shame it probably isnt true for most of them.