Why are Some adults so immature??

By Dawn
September 11, 2007 2:13pm CST
Okay last Saterday, my cousins wife, who is in her 20's, (and a bit of a Moron to be quite frank) Took her son, my son and my other cousins son for a walk in a wagon. My 11 year old cousin, and six year old cousin went with them. They were on a gravel road, and from what I was told she ran with the wagon, my son was trying to stand up and he fell out of the wagon. He was crying and instead of looking back to see if everything was okay, I was told by the boys she snapped at my son, and told him to stop wining. She didn't even notice my son had fallen out until the boys had told her. My son had split his head open,(not bad) but enough to bleed. She then panicked, asked the 11 year old to check his head to see if he was okay. The 11 year old left his bike in the woods and carried my son back. When they arrived she told me that the 11 year old was pulling the wagon and my son fell out. I took him in and my aunt and I cleaned him up. The 11 year old insisted I go with him and the six year old down the road to get his bike. I went and the boys told me that she had asked them to lie for her so she wouldn't get into "trouble", that she even bribed the 11 year old and told him she would buy him whatever she wanted. I was angry, and since she shows major jeliousy towards my son, that maybe she did it on purpose to begin with. When we got back, I went to my aunt and the six year olds father. Told them what the boys told me. They questioned the six year old because they knew if they asked him, he would tell them the honests truth. Again the six year old told them it was her pulling the wagon. So my aunt told me to go and question her about why she asked the boys to lie. So I did. Calmly I said why did you ask the boys to lie for you? She started screamin and yelling saying she didn't lie, it was the boys pullin the wagon, then she said something about one of the other little kids pushing my child out of the wagon. Well my aunt came out and told her her story was full of holes and it was very immature. Again she yelled she didn't lie. So my aunt said that the six year old had told them it was her, and asked her why he would lie. She said I donno but it wasn't me right snotty. The six year old shook his head at her and walked out the door. I couldn't believe it, how idiotic and immature she was being. She appeared to have no conscience at all, and didn't even feel as if she was in the wrong asking the boys to lie. This person is a mom her self? What the heck is she going to teach her son? That Jeliousy and hatred, and lieing is the right thing to do if your going to be in trouble. I have made perfectly clear that I do not want her around my child with out "adult" supervision. The problem is this girl lives right accross the hall from me. Thing is I am already getting tired of the fact that even when my door is locked, I wake up in the morning and She and or my cousin is in my house, they don't have a key either when I questioned my cousin one day on how he got in, he willingly admited he popped the lock on my apartment door. They try and run my house, and they are just plainly getting on my nerves and even though they are family I feel like I should just mention to the landlord that they are breaking into my apartment, when I am sleeping. I mean I wake up sometimes, my lock has been popped and my son is gone from his room. They don't think they do any harm by taking my son out of my house with out telling me. I panic every time they do it because my sons father isn't that great and has threated to take him forcefully from me...he doesn't know where we are, but heck can you imagine going through that with him, and waking up and finding your sons gone!
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