Help on FF8!

@Ysera324 (237)
September 24, 2007 1:07am CST
I'm currently playing Final Fantasy 8 on my PC using an emulator. In disc 2, after you save Balamb from the missiles, headmaster Cid will ask you to go check on the others and you have to go at the end of the hallway where there's a balcony of some sort and a cut scene happens. I have Rinoa with me so there's an FMV where she looks over the railing, with her hair being blown by the wind and then she looks back and smiles at the camera. My problem is this: after the scene I can't go back inside. The door won't open. All the walkthroughs say that you have to go back inside and talk to Cid. They don't say anything special like having to push a button or anything. I've walked all over the place (it's really small) pressing the 'x' button but nothing happens. The door won't open! Why? Can someone tell me what I did wrong?
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@jombbi (105)
• India
31 Aug 09
all you have to do is first go to the library. find ellone there. talk to her and then go back. everything will be normal and then u can talk or go where ever u want to.
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29 Sep 08
I think I will check it out soon.