what helps you unwind? classical music? sleep and rest? reading?

October 15, 2007 9:49am CST
for me...all the above...also watching tv... and a good cup of chamomile tea goes a long long way:-D
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@ailema4ever (2668)
• Finland
29 Oct 07
Sleeping and resting is one good way of unwinding. Watching comedies is also a good way to unwind. Or getting a massage...oh yes, please! ;-D
@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
16 Oct 07
hmmm...lemme see...i think that would be walking in the park or mall for me. yestreday i was really bored and fed up with what i am doing. i realized i haven't gone out for quite a while, except for work related errands. i asked my husband if i can go out, but he wasn't feeling well. but after dinner we went to the park and took a stroll. i felt better afterwards... :-)
@faith210 (11232)
• Philippines
16 Oct 07
Hi shiloh! I guess, it always depend on my mood. Sometimes classical music help me relax, other times I just need some peace and quiet. I do love to read on some occasions but for sure when I want to relax, I just want to relax by myself even for just a few minutes alone. Take care and have a nice day.
@fineartist (1217)
• United States
15 Oct 07
This is a wonderful topic for a discussion. I look forward to reading all of the responses to this discussion. :-) What helps me relax is reading books that I enjoy a great deal and watching a few television shows.