did you get the flu shot yet? Do you think it prevents cold?

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November 14, 2007 12:27pm CST
I just got my flu shot since I am planning to travel. I don't think it prevents flu though. What do you think? Are you planning to get one?
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16 Nov 07
i got my first one ever last year as i had 2 family members undergoing chemo and i NEEDED to get it in order to around them during the flu season. If i hadnt, i wouldn't have been allowed to even see them. I got it again this year because i was glad I got it last year and plus I work in an office where people are always sick so i'm sure the flu will make its way around there. I'd rather get a little shot than get sick with the flu. And YES it prevents it...my mom got hers and went to vist my uncle and his whole household came down with the flu while she was there and she didn't get it. So i think it works!
@GardenGerty (125845)
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14 Nov 07
In the last ten or eleven years, the only year I got the flu was the year I did not get the shot. I worked with someone who claimed it also lessened bronchitis. I believe if you get it consistently, you also build up some residual effect. The year I got the flu it was fairly mild compared to the times I remember getting it before. I got my flu shot about three weeks ago.
@lightningMD (5931)
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14 Nov 07
I never get the flu shot. So far I have been lucky and haven't gotten the flu. I very rarely catch even a cold in the winter. I think flu shots are great for people who are in the high risk categories though.