I need a pocket pc now

November 16, 2007 11:16am CST
do you have any idea where i can get an affordable pocket pc, or even a use no,pay later product. i need it so badly for my online jobs but i do not have enough money to buy one yet. please help. i hope the offer is also valid in my country. thanks!
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• United States
16 Nov 07
Refurbished units by be your best paid. You can pay probably up to $300 less for something because someone else returned it because they didn't like it. As I am perpetually on a budget most of my big tag items are either open boxes or refurbs. I have never had a problem and most refurbs still have the warranty in effect anyway. The refurb. label just usually means restocked and unable to be sold as new. If there is any damage to an item it is generally cosmetic. And for a large reduction in price I am not the picky about little surface blemishes. Good places to check for your pocket pc would be Hp.com's refurbished section, Nextag.com or Bizrate.com There are also good deals on cellphone pdas on the various cellphone provider sites. At&T is selling the old model HTCs for greatly reduced prices. I imagine they will come down even more now that the newer version is out.
• Canada
17 Nov 07
Ebay also has many PDA's at very competitive prices you just have to make sure your not getting a dud. Make sure you contact the seller first. I have the HTC S620 this model is a PDA Phone with Windows Mobile and so far i have been impressed with the Phone/PDA. I have had a Palm Treo also. In comparison I like the Windows Mobile better then teh Palm OS software because the windows mobile is modeled closely around the windows most people use everyday. One thig i do notice though is that sometimes running through menu's is a little slow, the palm OS seemed to be a little faster but with less appeal and more confusing