Drinks for Happiness or Sorrow

@scorpio16 (1707)
November 24, 2007 11:17am CST
Why a person prefers to opt for drinks either in happiness or sorrow. Can not it be replaced by any other material. Is it an item of opportunity or what.
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@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
25 Nov 07
Hello, scorpio! again here ,i can not leave you.this is your third question, i am answering. i do not know for what reason you are addicted. it is taken neither for happiness nor for sorrow.it is the bad company brings you to the bar, once, twice, thrice and the process goes on till you get lost with it.then it will be difficult on your part to pull out of it.have the determination and say no to it what soever be the circumstance.good luck.
@scorpio16 (1707)
• India
26 Nov 07
Thanks for your very nice advise. Marked yours as best response and rated +ve.
• Pakistan
10 Jan 08
Happiness and sorrow are not only reasons of taking drink. The people who can afford to drink they do not hesitate to take drink. If the drink is offered free of cost then every one will start to take it. But we pay for it, we take risk of our health and we get so many negatives in return of taking drink. We should stop drinking. We can stop drinking. It is possible. It is forbidden by God. It is prohibited in the religion. So we should become religious and link with our God. Test these phenomena. You will feel really a great change. You will get happiness with out any need of drink.