installation 3 operating system?

December 11, 2007 1:16pm CST
Any one installed 3 operating system in your m/c.i installed in my m/c win98se,winXP and linux.
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24 Dec 07
I have done 4 OS like win98,win2000,winxp and then linux. The installation procedure would be first the windows under that the older version then the later like that and then the Free Open Source Linux. Before doing all these I would suggest you to use Partition magic to make partitions risk free. There is one more method through which you can install any number of OS's you need, that is Virtual environments. I do not know whether you have come across that if not then find VMWare which is the best among the virtual machines available at present.
@Asylum (48048)
• Manchester, England
22 Dec 07
I was recently running 3 on my desktop, although I have now settled on just using 2. I have 3 hard drives so it was quite easy to install 3 operating systems as one on each drive. My choices were Windows XP, Mandriva and Ubuntu, which were selected via GRUB. I have recently abandoned Ubuntu.
• India
14 Dec 07
well if i could remember there was a time i had 5! YES you heard it right! Five Operating systems in my System. So is was very funny when the system boots up... first comes the Suse Linux boot menu... i could either choose Suse or Windows... lets say i select windows then comes Windows vista bootmenu asking me whether i want to boot to windows vista or older version of windows... lets say i selected older version of windows... here comes 3 more operating systems... 2 windows xp and a Windows 2003 Server! Dont think i was crazy, at that time i was learning MCSE and RhCE so i needed all those things together!
@surajpkn (582)
• India
12 Dec 07
I have gone as far as installing 2 operating systems in my computer but definitely not 3. but i do need to install them because i need linux for one of the projects now. I bought vista and i am kind of regretting why i bought it but i am using it though. I have back up xp so that in case anything happens i can manage with it. I am going to install linux in my comp next week!
@santuccie (3383)
• United States
12 Dec 07
I have before, but not lately. My machine was dual-booted with XP and Mandriva until yesterday. The portable programs on my flashdrive would keep crashing in Mandriva, and it looks like it's not just confined to Mandriva. It's now on TechRepublic that Seagate hard drives are coming already formatted to NTFS, and not to support Linux anymore. Seagate says Linux isn't future-ready, or something like that. The problem is that Linux will shut down hard drives after awhile, and when they resume, USB devices will have been dismounted and remounted with different locations (USB-0 becomes USB-1, etc.). This would be why I had to add a PS/2 adapter to make my mouse stop freezing, and why Thunderbird Portable and PStart (my menu launcher for 64 portable programs) would crash and become inaccessible until after a reboot. Now that I know there isn't a single Linux distro out there that can handle constantly running programs from USB, I've stopped hunting for just the right one. I've reformatted my hard drive and restored the XP disk image to run by itself. It's fast as it is, since I have no antivirus nor antispyware: Hopefully something will change soon as a result of this new news. Seagate is the largest HDD manufacturer in the world, and to my knowledge the only one who makes ALL its own parts. If people want Linux to survive the next decade, they will do what Microsoft just happens to be looking into themselves, and rewrite the kernel (Microsoft will be writing a new kernel because the current one is too big). I hope they do so soon. I have no problem with Windows, but I do like the "nimbleness" in Linux. Salute! -santuccie P.S.: Laughing at dumb jokes is still good for your health!!!
@chunter (1761)
• Singapore
12 Dec 07
Nope... While I can understand you have winXP and linux, but why win98SE? win98SE is old and you are better off with winXP anyway.....