Do Americans love football & soccer?

@yiskylee (141)
December 25, 2007 2:12am CST
Maybe it called soccer. I hear somebody said that the newspapers report the world cup in the corner of the page which is unbelievable here. we have plenty of newspapers putting the news of soccer in the front page though it's inssential. and the discussion about soccer here is also little.
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8 Jan 08
I thinks it's liked but way from becoming a popular sport, they generally like sports they can beat people at which is why cricket is frowned upon. Personally I don't see why americans aren't proud of there soccer team, all in all they're a strong side and I have family who have played for them. (they've told me most of what I know) It appears to be growing over there, since they're becoming better but any american will tell you their league sucks and the standard fails most of the time which puts people off. They should be proud though, rome wasn't built in a day. ~Joey
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25 Dec 07
in the corner of the sports page of newspapers doesnt surpise me. football/soccer just isnt a big thing in the US for some reason. not really sure why exactly myself. it has gained some popularity, especially since the Olympics but is usually only found on an alternate ESPN channel. though with Beckham's arrival on the Galaxy (i think thats the team name) it has upped the publicity somewhat, but from the impression ive gotten thru here and other news websites..the US coverage of the games is woefully miniscule compared.