Would it bother you if your partner did not concern themselves with your kids

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January 19, 2008 2:13pm CST
birthdays? You have kids by another person. Now your in a relationship with another. Your current partner does not acknowledge your kids spacial days. What would you do? also how would this make you feel?
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19 Jan 08
personally i would take it up with them, and question why they are behaving in this way. it couldnt be that they have simpley forgotten but they could have some reason for it. but i would simpley approach them, not in an agressive manner, and just ask
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1 Apr 08
Hmmmmmmm... that is kind of odd.... it might be a red flag, but then again he might just have a horrible memory. I would definitely ask him about it. Remember you need to put your kids first before your man. If your kids don't like him, that's a BIG SIGN to say goodbye! Have a great day!
@Thoroughrob (11748)
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29 Jan 08
If my partner accepts me, he accepts us a package. It would really upset me. He should treat them the same way that he would treat his own. Those days are special to them and he should treat them special.