is there a limit on what I can earn on mylot?

@simesc (248)
February 16, 2008 7:09am CST
Is there a limit on my dialy earnings on mylot? Is there a limit on the amount that I can earn from referals?
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• Indonesia
16 Feb 08
hi simesc. as far as I know there is no limit on our daily earnings on myLot. as long as we still post and give contribution through our posts, also from the referrals too. our daily earning in myLot depends on how many we post during the day and something useful we provide through our posts for the others here in myLot. this also applies the same to the referrals as well.
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• Philippines
16 Feb 08
There is no limit as to your daily earnings here on myLot. For as long as you post quality discussions and respond to discussions posted by other myLotters, you are assured of income. With regards to earning from referrals, you get 25% of their earnings. There is no limit too. For as long as your referrals are actively participating in discussions here at myLot, you are going to earn from them. Good Luck!
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• United States
20 Feb 08
There is no limit on the amount you can earn daily. It all depends on how many responses and discussions you make. If you want to spend hours and hours on here doing this you can make a lot more. Most people don't have the time to spend here as much as they would like to. I know I would like to spend more time on here and therefore increase what I earn but everyday living keeps me from being able to do that. There are no limits on your daily earnings here. Also there are no limits on what you can make off your referrals either. The only thing about referrals is to make anything off of them they have to be active.