Would you have a hard time if they pissed the bed?

United States
February 16, 2008 8:33pm CST
I am talking about an adult that you were dating or married to. If they pissed the bed would that cause some problems for you? Life is not perfect for many of us. Unconditional love is a wonderful thing. What are some things you would do if this were your life?
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@kymommy72 (588)
• United States
17 Feb 08
I wouldn't be pleased, but I wouldn't leave the person. I would probably try to get them to go to a doc and see if there was a medical reason for it. But like you said...love is unconditional and it wouldn't be any different then putting up with any other bad habit that your spouse has, except you would have to get up and change your pj's in the middle of the night. I would stay if my spouse was a bed wetter because my love for him is stronger than that.
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• United States
17 Feb 08
We all need someone to love. Thanks for the nice response.
• Australia
18 Feb 08
This is a very embarrasing ailment. It is called incontinence. One has to thread very carefully here. What I would suggest is to have two separate beds close together. This will give you the feeling of sleeping together but really you are not. For washing the bed clothes it is much more convenient. Make sure that you have plastic sheets to protect the mattress. Prevention is better than cure!! Make sure that the person does not have any drinks before bedtime. Make sure that they go to the toilet just before retiring. Make it a habit to wake them if you can every three hours.These people have a weak bladder that cannot hold too much water. There is nothing wrong to get them to wear a nappy , this will help with leakage.
• United States
3 Mar 08
This is very true in deed. But there are things called chucks to absorb the wetness. They can be used and still sleep in the same bed with spouse.
@chrislotz (8200)
• Canada
3 Mar 08
My ex-husband would piss or sh?t the bed when he got really drunk. I used to get so mad at him for this. He always said he couldn't help it, since he was passed out. I would say then don't get so drunk you pass out. He had and still has a bad drinking problem. When he drinks he doesn't stop till he passes out and sometimes that would be two days straight without eating or sleeping. I am so glad I am no longer married to him.