People are Funny, and I don't mean "HA , HA!" Oh yeah, maybe I do!

United States
February 22, 2008 6:36pm CST
I work at the local Wawa, here in downtown Phoenixville, PA. For those of you who have never heard of Wawa, think of Sheets. Wawa is a convienent store, Ma and Pop, owned and operated, that has had an explosive impact on the North Eastern part of the United States. Anyways, as I was saying, I work third shift, there, and work on into the morning coffee, bagel, and cancer stick rush. One day, a customer saw me throwing away some breakfast, sausage, egg, and cheese bagels, and he called me over to the coffee island. "Hey man. Are you throwing those away?" An obvious question, with a more than obvious answer. "Yeah, I am. We have to maintain freshness. Every twenty minutes, these bagels go in the trash." "Seems like a tremendous waste to me," he replies. "You know, I'm a farmer, and I'm sure that my chickens would love to eat that stuff. I have 18 chickens." "EIGHTEEN chickens!?", I repeated, slightly dumbfounded. "Yeah man. I treat them just like family, and I can't see why you guys throw away so much food. How about this? How about we make a deal where I BUY these bagels from you, after they go out of code?" "Well, I don't know, you'll have to ask, Bob, our Manager...he sorta deals with that kind of a thing...I wouldn't want to promise anything and then have you come by and be disappointed". "Yeah, alright. Thanks. I think I'll do that." Another time...maybe it's just the fact that I work late nights at Wawa, but one Friday night, some college kids came in whooping and hollering. Now, bear in mind, that I'm 28. Not that old to forget what it's like, but I tend to be tad more mature than most people my age. So, there I was minding my own business, trying to slap together, like forty sandwiches, and it appeared that most of these greedy gobblers, wanted them toasted, when this gigantic beast of a girl started rapping and singing out, "Oh yeah, lick my t-t, suck my cl-t, love my chocolaty goodness, right here...she was pointing at her as$, slapping it, and sticking out her tongue. She started questioning me about whether I knew what I was doing...was I qualified to make this particular sandwich? I just sort of shrugged, said something non-committal, and chugged along trying to smear more, more, and more mayo on this poor bun, that seemed to be getting soggier by the minute. Well, she appeared to have lost interest with me, and my qualifications, and had turned back to begin her favorite song, anew. I finally managed to feed all these starving college kids; wiping up the mess I had created. I found out later that this sweet girl had beaten the crap out of another girl...who knows why? I'd be interested in hearing any crazy stories that you guys have come across. Actually I was thinking of writing a book called, "The Nation's Dumbest College Kids", sorta like that series show that was running for a while; maybe you heard of it?- "America's Dumbest Criminals". Watch that ought to keep you laughing for a while!
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