I was making this large handbag and ran out of pouches.

a wide handbag - I listed it for sale already. LOL
United States
February 23, 2008 12:48am CST
Since I had this snow storm blowing out here. I did not want to wait and put aside another bag. So I made this one and boy was I laughing. It's a nice bag but long as ever. LOL You can laugh with me I know it's long. but it looks so nice. So If it does not sell. I'll keep it for myself. :)
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@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
23 Feb 08
I am glad you did another topic about your bags. I really like them a lot. The only problem is, I am already a bag lady, pun intended. I collect bags. Tote bags, gift bags, school bags, grocery bags, laundry bags, and back bags. I fear that if I purchase just one more bag, there will be no more room for me and I will have to sleep outside. Now that I have a roommate, I had to make room for her. She does not have as much junk, I mean things as I do, but she sometimes hints that she has nowhere to put things. I really like them a lot because they are creative and unique. My sister's girls are too old for them I believe. They are already in High School and think that they are grown.
• United States
23 Feb 08
I am glad yo like them. I carry one everywhere I go. I have so many bags that I ahve to get rid of them fast. I have to make room for my new ones I will make this spring. They fold flat to store. LOl I'll send you one free in the summer. If you can pay shipping. 350029216648 check my listing and tell me what you think. it's late and I am trying to clear some space. Ebay Thanks
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• United States
24 Feb 08
Thanks so much for that. I only list on line and sell person to person. I did two craft sales and want to find a boutique to go to. I keep being told by people to send one to a talk show host. LOl I make a lot of one of a kind bags. Thanks for the help. :)
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@carmelanirel (20979)
• United States
23 Feb 08
It doesn't look bad, I think it's cute..Though if I got one, I would want a bigger one, because I carry a lot of stuff having kids..lol
@whittby (3073)
• United States
23 Feb 08
I kind of like it. Necessity is the mother of invention? I'm sure you've been asked this so many times, but how do you get so many kool aid bags? That's a lot of kool aid to drink. As someone who sews, I'm also curious if you use a regular machine and thread? I'm not about to make one of these, but I'm one of those who loves to watch sewing shows so love to hear the hows and whys!