Which US World of Warcraft (WoW) Server Is The Best?

United States
April 11, 2008 10:38pm CST
I'm an avid new player of WoW, World of Warcraft. Currently my one character is Horde, and I play on US realm Thunderhorn. The community there seems to be pretty cool, a lot of nice players have given me a helping hand here and there, and I sincerely thank them! :) My question is, are there certain servers where it is easier or faster to gain levels simply from more players being online to group with? I've been playing a pretty good bit over the last week and a half and my Troll Hunter is now level 28...I don't think that's too shabby, but I want to perfect being able to get a character to at least level 60 in a week's time if it is possible on this game. I think it is. I've read some of the online guides (the free ones, NOT the pay ones), such as James' Horde Leveling Guide. My problem is, a lot of the quests mentioned in the guides for my current level, I completed three to four levels earlier than is listed in the guide. I don't think I'm doing badly w/ XP, but I am tired of "grinding" and wish I could find a way to level faster! Do I need to buy buffs from high level shamans and clerics? I have an elite pet, all my skills trained to the max, even have skinning of 200+ as well as leatherworking 200+! I'm just scratching my head going "Dang I wish I could get xp faster" It's got to the point now I just spend my time logged in buying and selling on the auction house, and doing tradeskills while my rest builds up until my entire XP bar for my level is full, and then I go out and grind the level in half the time...lol. But, I don't want to wait a week in between each level, I'll never get to 70! Not only that but the next expansion that's coming out is going to increase the maximum level to 80! Tell me what you think somebody?! Peace
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@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
14 Apr 08
The secret here is to organize the quests you are going to do. Get all the quests from a certain town (let's say Crossroads), then plan your route on the map. Try to kill mobs along the way (it's best to kill mobs 2-3 levels higher than yours) and then do all the quests on a certain area before heading back to turn them in. I suggest doing all of your quests before turning them in so you don't have to run back and forth to and from the town.
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14 Apr 08
Okay thanks for the responses. I've downloaded an UI Addon called "QuestHelper" that shows the locations of all the quests I have in my journal, so that's helping. I wouldn't necessarily say that I am trying to get *this* character to 60 in a week, I am trying to find ways so that subsequent characters will level faster. You're right about the guides being out of date, when I looked at how much xp is awarded for a given quest in the guide, the actual xp is higher most of the time. I don't really want to go to a different server just yet, as I've made over 700 gold on the one I'm playing on now, so I think I may stay on Thunderhorn at least until I learn more about the game. Peace
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18 Apr 08
i play on a free server called wow.dethpod.com, nice people and no monthly fee :)
@Entiat (22)
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13 Apr 08
First off, you should not be sitting at the AH buying and selling things. If you are trying to get to level 60 or 70 in a week you need to go out and do something. Check the Atlas on worldofwarcraft.com and find the zones that are best for your level and go there. There are tons of quests in each zone that require you to do all sorts of things such as gathering or killing. If you sit around waiting for rested, you are never going to level. If you want it to go even faster, try finding another player your level and ask if they want to group for quests and leveling. Two players are better than one and it will reduce the time required to level. Just whatever you do, don't sit around. Get out there and level. Hope this helps. -Entiat-