Does fear of death decline with age?

April 17, 2008 10:54am CST
Well, does it? I asked my Mom this question. She is now in her mid-fifties. She thought for a while and told me that she was absolutely terrified of death when she was a kid. She would go down on her knees and beg God not to send death to her. Now, in her fifties, death does not bother her. She is not frightened of the end. On the contrary, life seems more overwhelming. The first person who told me about death was my mischievous grandfather. He gave a vivid picture of the grave in which they would lay me, the worms in it, and all the rest of the unpleasant details--all this when I was below ten. Needless to say, it scared the living daylight out of me. My mother was absolutely furious with my grandfather for scaring me so much. And I continued being terrified of death even into my early teens. The fear slowly started leaving me after that, and I realized that in some cases, death would be more than welcome. It seems safer and pain free than life! Now, in my thirties, the idea of death does not bother me at all. So, how is it for you? Who first told you that we would all have to die one day? Did it scare you? And did you also notice the fact that the fear of death declines with age? Cheers and happy Mylotting.
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17 Apr 08
i would rather think that it declines with maturity, not with age. it's declining when our understanding about life is developing. as i've ever said here, being old is a must, but being mature is a choice. it decli
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