A drug-addicted Husband

@salonga (27825)
May 21, 2008 1:34am CST
I have advised a friend a several times to separate from his husband who is drug-addict because he been doing the worst recently. He has practically drained he wife financially because he would steal every money of the wife whenever he has the chance and worst even their appliances and other belongings have been lost apparently stolen by him as well. Worst still, he is already beating the wife whenever they quarrel. But I don't understand why my friend could not leave him! I told him to have his husband rehabilitated if she could not leave him, but he reasoned out that she did it already before but the husband returned to his vices soon after. Now, whenever, she would come to me and cry, I could not help but be angry with her because she does not want to leave him as obviously she is still very much in love with him. What would I do with my friend so she would listen. Or maybe I am wrong with my advice, kindly help.
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@rsa101 (26838)
• Philippines
21 May 08
I think if I were in your position I would have done the same thing for your friend. I pity her as well as a little bit annoyed that she feels so helpless. I would aske what's topping her from separating with him? I could also sense that there is fear coming form her for not moving at all or doing nothing at all. I think she should be consulted with a lawyer or a therapist so that she could go out of her shell or fear from separating from her.