@aztcgirl (267)
United States
June 10, 2008 11:40am CST
ok im apart of lot of these paid to click site and i see lot of people complaining about not getting their money right away, HELLLLLLLLLLO PEOPLE WAKE UP FREAKING READ THE TOS OR THE FAQ'S some site take 30 days to pay they have to check to see if any one is cheating that is why it take so long. and it not our calendar day they work off of regular work hours 9-5 hours they dont work 24 /7 some might be working just to pay all of us. and to keep up the site and try to make a name for them self. so complaining because you requested an pay out a day prior not going to help if you dont like the site dont try to trash it by saying they are a scam. yeah there are alot of scam site out there but also there are alot of good site that do pay. Like donkeymails. im going on to ptctalk and reading that someone is complaining that they have lot of people ahead of them and trying to call them scam site , i have been paid by them before they are not a scam site ,at least tey let you know how many people are ahead of you and it updated daily. so stop complaining unless you know for sure they are a scam site. like acid clicks, and a few other , there are lot of new site out there that old scammer are doing and there are lot of new people who are just barley getting into the ptc sites. so we all learn every day. also the scammer could be using different name so you wont know who is the scammer. so people like i said before before you complain also look at how much they have paid out and if it dont change then maybe they might be but also you got to remember they got a life too they might be having money or personal issue that affect the site. so stop compalining so much and thik about what is going on in their life also and read the tos or the faq's.
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