Mandriva Linux: Recognizing external hard drives

United States
July 5, 2008 11:04pm CST
Excuse me, but i've been interested in free operating systems for a while, and recently today, i've downloaded a new OS called Mandriva Linux, in which you can find and download on this site: I downloaded Mandriva Linux One and burned it to my CD-R disk, and it worked! The CD ran the free OS smoothly and easily, and it looks fun to play around with. I also surfed the internet through the OS on the CD, and I even went to MyLot on Mandriva Linux. However, there's one little problem: My Seagate 80GB external hard drive isn't found there. Windows XP recognizes it even though it's been on during boot-up, but not on Mandriva Linux. I want to put Mandriva to the test, and yet I don't know how to find and use my external hard drive ther. It's not my first time I used a free OS. I've used a floppy drive-sized OS called Menuet a few years back, but it couldn't play any media. Mandriva Linux played sounds okay, but its my first time. Is there a way to make Mandriva Linux recognize removable drives of any type or kind?
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@Asylum (48058)
• Manchester, England
6 Jul 08
I have used Mandriva in the past and it has always recognised both of my external drives without any problem. I suggest that you check the Seagate website to see if there are Linux drivers for it, although I would expect it to operate fine without.
• United States
7 Jul 08
That's going to be a problem. I went to their site here to find any Mandriva Linux 2008 drivers: ...but they didn't list any for that OS. I've looked last week to find something that lets me mount an external hard drive like my Seagate 80GB 3.5 inch Pushbutton External hard drive, but to no effect.