Were you hacked on your paypal account? DId Paypal help you?

@hotsummer (10523)
August 9, 2008 6:07am CST
Mine was hacked. I want to say that my paypal account was hacked last july 31. First i was trying to log in to my email when i can't log in. i knew right away some one was able to hacked my account and also my paypal account. and when i log in to my paypal account. half of my money was sent to another site to pay for his domain purchase. and i don't know what to do with the money left cause i dont really plan to withdraw that early. so i tried to change the password and hoping that the hacker will not be able to use the remaining amount but after a while the hacker was able to get the other half and sent it to another paypal account But after 5 days i reported it, Paypal has sent back all the money to me. Tips on those who have paypal. make a very difficult password. and also don't make the same password on your emaill and your paypal. Cause for sure that hacker can easily guess your password if you make easy password. and i think that you shoudl really withdraw your money as soon as you can. like when you have enough money to withdraw it is really better to withdraw it and not wait to have a very big sum of money before you withdraw it. What were your experiences with your paypal account. i think that it is really good to talk about it here. cause there are some hackers nowadays, who are just trying to look for some people who will be irresponsible enough to divulge some of their information.
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