Do you believe in superistition?

August 13, 2008 11:02am CST
My opinion is that superstitions are just creations of people for a specific reason or purpose. Superstition is mostly created by businessmen to drive people to their merchandise...Lol. What do you think?
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@a3sachin (531)
• India
13 Aug 08
NO way! I dont believe in superstition at all. I live in India; religion and culture is so vast and diverse here and is home to the weirdest superstition. Trust me, you will thing people here are nuts when you hear superstitious beliefs. Personally, I go by logic. I dont believe in anything that doesn't have logic to back it up. I try to live my life simple and easy. I am not going to let any superstition complicate my life? Why should it? Its not really businessmen. Its religion. Mostly its a result of trying not do displease the gods! Ultimately if you are true to yourself, no superstition can shake you.