How far would you go to safe your life ?

@NrgDfenZ (1810)
September 17, 2008 12:37pm CST
Hi all I watched the movie "saw" today.. And I was wondering how far you would go to save your life ? I think I would go pretty far.. Thx
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• India
17 Sep 08
same here buddy. Who wouldnt do anything to save his own life. Even emo people would be. Thats a very normal thing. lol. hahaha. Well it is not normal when people wouldnt wanna do anything to save their life becasue now there will be issues if you dont do that. lol. hehehe. Right??Well which Saw you saw??? Do you know the New saw is coming. Saw 5 !!! , i think this year end !!1 Man i saw the trailer on youtube. I went ew..i think these new saw movie are just too much gore. Well that what i think. lol.. anyways best of luck watching Saw 5. :)happy mylotting :)
• Canada
17 Sep 08
I would do what I could to save my life but that was as long as it was not endangering the life of someone I loved . If there was a choice between my children or my husband or someone I really loved I would be willing to let go of my life to save theirs . I belive it is human instinct to do what we can for survival and one will go to what limits they have to , to ensure this .