28 lb 14 yr old girl

United States
October 14, 2008 7:27pm CST
A father and step mother of a 14 year old girl has recently been arrested. They have been withholding food and water from their daughter who weighed only 28 pounds. She mostly was fed toast and 6 oz of water a day. They even watched her as she brushed her teeth to make sure she didn't swallow any water. She was so malnourished and dehydrated that she spent two weeks in the hospital. She is now in foster care and has gained 20 pounds. The authorities should withhold food and water from the parents and see how they like it! It should be part of their punishment. I guess they treated their pets better than the daughter. How can anyone in their right mind ever treat their child that way! I don't know what their reasoning was, but there is no reason that would be valid for them to do this. What do you think of parents (and I use the term loosely) who act like this? What do you think should be done with them?
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