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October 20, 2008 11:13am CST
I'm making a comment website with blogspot and I would like to be able to put more comment on each section but the problem is that if I leave a hundred comments on the same page, it will be too long to show up. So, I would like to divide each message and number it. Well, my English is too bad to explain it so I add a picture of what I wanna add Here is my blog And here is how I wanna do Have a look at the attached picture to understand
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• United States
23 Oct 08
Ok, I may be way off track here, but I'm guessing you are wanting to place the comments on the right side and remove the comments on each blog page you create because it would be a hassle to keep tract of many pages of comments? And you also want to flip your right side menu to the left? And you want to add page numbers for each of your comments pages? I am also making a blogger comment web page and I think I can help you. I sent you a friend request here so I can send you some HTML website links to help you out on your blogger comment website page.( since we are not allowed to post links here)
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• India
21 Oct 08
Yours is a simple html site is it?if you planning to do it with HTML it is difficult.You need a dynamic page like php or jsp for giving pagination to your pages..I also have one more question .from where did you show the comments my questing did you have any database for adding the comments.
• France
24 Oct 08