why you travel

@wujinbo (341)
November 3, 2008 8:29am CST
Travel is good for you,whatever in the spirit or is on the body.when you are travelling, you will find you are in a world in which you pull out of the depression or the trouble at work or at school.This is one kind of treatment mind good medicine.and When you in watch the deep forest or are when thor are e sky flight,before you always feel,not all pleasant sensations,and places oneself in which.truely, When you will cannot help but integrate later you cannot help butto fall in love with this project,and every year or was each month does not know exhausted participation.this is the travel's charming.and it is what the nature gaves you ,not the human.so the travel let you merge into one organic whole with the nature,just then you will know the true travel' meaning.the nature is a friend,when you go into its body ,you will find it.why you travel?that is not beaucuse you are in difficulties or in trouble, is beaucuse you need the nature and the nature is with us,We are unable in the modern life to discover them, is only we are far away from it temporarily.so it is time to get up to find this old friend and feelthat the nature gives our mind impact.........
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@maximax8 (30514)
• United Kingdom
3 Nov 08
Traveling is very good indeed for me because it teaches me about different nationalities and shows me various landscapes. I like to meet the local people, view the native wildlife and find out able the local culture as well as religion. I like to hear different languages and as a result of going to Central America I am learning Spanish. It is very enjoyable and it will be so useful for my traveling. I love to see mother nature at her finest.