daily, weekly, or monthly budget?

November 4, 2008 12:26am CST
what do you usually follow: a daily, weekly, or monthly budget? i find that a weekly budget is easy to keep. i used to have a monthly budget, then i would buy groceries in bulk one time. but this proves costly for us, because then we would use up our stuff before the month ends and then we would have to buy another. but for the weekly budget, it is almost like retail. although in the end, it costs a bit higher, but it is easier for us to stick to our budget. and we are having the feeling that we survive this week easily because it is just 7 days. how about you? what kind of budgetting do you employ? what has worked for you? please share...take care all and God bless us in these difficult times! let us be responsible in our finances! :-D
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• Malaysia
4 Nov 08
Actually it depends on our income for the month. My husband is earning a fixed income but most of the other expenses comes from my contribution. If I am able to earn more, we are able to purchase more. There are times when we buy for the whole month but mostly the things we bought are dried stuffs. We buy chicken, meat, fish and vegetables on weekly basis so that we can get it fresh. Furthermore our fridge is small and couldn't cater room for the whole month. Now I am not very interested to take care about our spending because we are short of money. When we have the money, we would go to the supermarket and buy stuffs. If not we would just survive by eating whatever we can from our previous buying. I have always kept food in my cabinet for rainy days and when emergency time like this happens it always helps to have enough food supply.
@ailema4ever (2675)
• Finland
4 Nov 08
Well, I have a monthly budget, which I try to count every week so that I won't go over budget. When I still had a full-time job, however, I didn't have a monthly budget for grocery or anything. Instead, I had a monthly savings budget, so I could do anything with the rest of the money, though I still preferred spending less and saving more he he he... Now that I'm unemployed, I have to be really careful with my grocery and shopping budget. For example: I try to buy used clothes or buy clothes only when there's a 50-70% discount. It's harder to cut the budget on grocery since I do want us to eat healthy food, but I try not to buy too much snack or Coke or anything like that...instead I prefer yoghurt and milk and fruit...but I always try to buy the cheapest brand or when there's a discount.