Are we alone in the Universe?

@MGlassco (220)
United States
August 24, 2006 1:55pm CST
Ok, if the universe is infinite, what are chances of us being the only planet with life let alone intelligence?
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@makeaplay (131)
• Ethiopia
24 Aug 06
this is something ; God... lets put him a side ... yep somehing isn't right about us being alone here .....we may be crazy if we think that ...I got no prove one have prove to other life here ....say there isn't . what is there is an other universe ....Ever came to think of that ?
@Snooze (610)
• United States
24 Aug 06
I think the chances of us being the only planet with intelligent life is extremely slim. I think you'd have better odds with a $500 million mega-millions lottery. I really hope SETI finds signals from another civilization within my lifetime. That would be the greatest discovery in history. As a member of Seti, what a thrill it would be to be part of that discovery, even just in sponsorship.
• United States
24 Aug 06
First of all I beleive in God so I beleive if he created us he could have created other places also, there are so many planets we can't reach and just because we couldn't live their God could have created someone or something that could.