Do you like recommendations?

@srganesh (6345)
December 15, 2008 5:11am CST
You are running a business and you are looking for a nice worker below you.And here is a man highly recommended by your close relative.Will you take him and train him to your needs or just turn him back.There is the risk of you to lose the relation. If I were you,I will accept him as a trainee,look for his abilities,keep him if he is skilled or kick him out.What will you do?
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@stiener (735)
• Singapore
15 Dec 08
I usually trust my own judgement over the words of others regardless of how the person is related to me. When I take a person in, I will run through a series of test on a person's character and ability. On an average, I only need 1 day to test a persons potential and will only give 2 weeks for the person to pick up the skills to work with me. I have high requirements for my work and therefore I will only allow those of the same or better calibre to work with me. Else they will have to look elsewhere for a job. My point is that me and my company do not owe anyone a job. We do not run a charity here so if we keep him as an act of sympathy, he will not grow up to be a better person. Instead, he will always be hiding in our shadows hoping that we will always offer him protection. Sometimes, the best welfare for a person is to let him face the harsh reality.
@ShanLhey (164)
• Philippines
15 Dec 08
I would rather accept him as an employee. But as an employee he/she must also consider that being a part of the company He/she must know the responsibilities that you handed with him/ her. There's no harm in trying though. As to my experience, you can give your trust with people close to you but in return there must be respect. Find people who deserve your trust. Make everyone's happy. You must tell them what's the reason why he/she was employed in your company so he/may know what his responsibilities as well. Good luck. Smile.