Toilet food anyone?

February 23, 2009 1:57pm CST
I was in the kitchen and all I heard was "Mum he has done it again" I go out to the hall to see my 15 year old son carrying my youngest son (who is 3 in May) down the stairs. "What has he done now" I asked dreading the answer. It turns out he had put all but one of the nine toilet rolls we had in the toilet down the toilet. I started telling him off and had to stop midway as when I asked why he did it. He replied "It was toilet food" It turned out he had been feeding the toilet. This really made me laugh and I just could not stay cross with him any longer. Don't you just love children's imagination. Has a child you know come out with something unique in the middle of you telling them off?. Have you found that it made you laugh and you could no longer be cross with them any more?
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