When was the last time you felt the weight or real money on your pocket?

@agmamayo (804)
March 19, 2009 8:00am CST
During these financial crisis, most people now are in dire search for real good money to buy things for their everyday needs. Eversince the start of these global crisis, when was the last time you felt the weigh of real good money on your pocket, I bet most of us now has felt the effects of having an empty pocket.
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• Philippines
20 Mar 09
I have an empty wallet lately, this financial crisis is the worst in the world of all time ... the last time I have lots of money was August last year
@delkar (1715)
• Romania
19 Mar 09
well, an empty pocket, it`s a really bad thing! Until now, my parents are still earning some money. Sure that they don`t earn that much, but they still get payed, maybe 50% of the money, but that it`s not enought now..when we all are used to have all that we need anytime. My parents are still sending me money for the college,but i`ll work hard in the summer to make some money too, at least for paying my rent and my school all the next year. Now i searched for a job, but all have problems and i can`t find something good for me, because i really need to go to college too.
@pickwick (858)
• India
19 Mar 09
Hi!It was in the february last year I think,after that the stock markets tumbled down and all the money was sort of sucked in.Recession is here to stay for some more time and I think we have to get used to staying with empty pockets for till then.