My new Idea that I need help making into a game

United States
March 28, 2009 6:44pm CST
Hi, I was wondering if anyone of you know any good sites or programs to make any games with good graphs about them? If you do or if not I still would like to share my idea. My idea is: The Legend of Adlez: Ocarina of space. The Legend of Adlez: Ocarina of space is going to be about this normal kid/not human boy named "Lock(Lock El)"; that is seemingly randomly picked to be the one who will save the world from an evil force. The kick is that even though he is not human he looks and acts like a human so just about everyone even him believes that he is a normal human kid. Lock El is way to young and weak to save the word, but luckily this one old crazy person knows of a ocarina called "Ocarina of space" that is said to give the user/keeper of it supernatural powers, but what the old man leaves out because he doesn't think lock is ready to know is that only beings that are not human can even touch it. Some of the main facts of this game that will be known throughout the story are: The Ocarina of space created the evil when Lock el came to the planet [b]The Ocarina of space really is Lock El's powers that was sealed away for unknown for sure reasons [/b] So as you can see I am very serous about making this game, so any name of a good program or site would be very helpful. Please and thank you.
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